Covington Chamber of Commerce Bylaws:

Announcement of Board of Directors Bylaws Meeting to Ratify our current Bylaws.  Current Status of the Bylaws:

-Amended: 6.27.19 by the Board of Directors 2019.  (last ratified 9.10.15 view button below for current bylaws)

– Ratified: In progress; “These Bylaws may be amended by the affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the members of the Board of Directors. Board action amending the Bylaws must be ratified by a majority vote of the Chamber membership present at the annual meeting of the members, or any other meeting of the members called for that purpose by the Board of Directors.”  We will call a vote for bylaws at the August 8th 2019 Breakfast 7:30-9am at the Weatherly Inn (Lake Meridian).  If 3/4 of the members ‘present’ at the 8.8.19 meeting vote to ratify the proposed 6.27.19 bylaws we will consider them “ratified”.  (view button below to review amended (proposed) 6.27.19 bylaw changes)

-Ratified: 8.8.19 by the vote of 3/4 members ‘present’ at the time of the “membership meeting”.

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