Blue Review July 2020
Covington Water District was formed in 1960, with less than a hundred customers primarily around Lake Morton. Over the years, a number of small districts merged into Covington Water District and more customers were added as development occurred. The District currently serves a population of approximately 50,000 through 18,600 connections as of  June 2020. The District’s service area contains residential homes, apartments, small farm, commercial, governmental, schools and medical facilities.

The District’s water supply consists of groundwater via our production wells allotted to us by the State of Washington (our Water Right), and water from the Green River Watershed via the Regional Water Supply System. The District has production wells, treatment plants, emergency interties with neighboring agencies, and millions of gallons of storage in steel and concrete tanks at locations throughout the District, and miles of pipeline.

The District’s service area of approximately 55 square miles is roughly bounded by SR-18 on the northwest, the Maple Valley Highway on the northeast, Ravensdale on the east, and the Green River on the south.  Each month CWD draws over 40 water samples from key locations throughout our service area and tests them for the presence of coliform.  Testing is performed by state certified labs and test results are routinely submitted to DOH, which monitors CWD’s compliance with the many regulatory standards and testing protocols required to assure safe drinking water.

Covington Water District : Vision of Tomorrow—Action Today!

Ambassador Highlights

“The Water District uses strategic budgeting to allow significant customer savings.  Did you know that they did NOT raise residential rates for the 4th year in a row?!”


“Covington water supply meets future community growth for many years to come!”


“Forming in 1960 means that this 2020 year CWD is celebrating their 60th Anniversary!”


“Fun Fact!  About 85% of Covington Water District’s water supply comes from The Green River Watershed via the Regional Water Supply System and the other 15% from the District’s 12 production wells.”


“The District is governed by an elected board of 5 commissioners, serving staggered 6 year terms.”


“Their mission: To serve quality water with excellent customer service, commitment to strategic and emergency planning, fiscal responsibility, regulatory compliance, stewardship and partnerships.”


Phone: 253-631-0565


18631 SE 300th Place, Covington, WA 98042

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