Green River College

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About Green River College

Founded: 1965

Ensure student success through comprehensive educational programs and support services responsive to our diverse communities.

Green River College is a public two-year college where students from all over the world come together to learn, grow and enrich their lives. Green River’s main campus, founded in Auburn’s Lea Hill neighborhood in 1965, stretches over 180 acres of beautifully forested land. Branch campuses, located in downtown Auburn, Kent and Enumclaw, bring the college’s unique educational experiences to local communities.

At Green River, students can choose from a wide variety of transfer degrees, professional-technical programs, pre-college and basic skills courses and continuing education classes. High-quality faculty and motivated staff advise, counsel and support students in their chosen educational careers, creating an atmosphere where achievement is expected and encouraged.

Strong academics, solid student services, a diverse and lively campus community and new facilities combine at Green River to provide students a one-of-kind education with lessons that will stay with them throughout their lives.

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